2017 -2018 Events

We were part of the Sawmill Center for the Arts , Festival of Trees event in December of 2017. We encouraged community to present names of loved ones currently in addiction or who have passed away from addiction. Names of loved ones were placed on angel ornaments that were hand made by a local mother who has gone through addiction with a loved one. The tree was lit up and on display , when the event ended we packaged the angel ornaments up and mailed each one to the family members who gave us a mailing address. 

In September of 2018 we hosted a Lights of Hope event in the Veteran's Memorial Park across from the Clarion County Courthouse. We again, engaged the local community in asking for names of loved ones who have gone through addiction. Each bag had a color and represented either a person incarcerated due to addiction, a person in recovery from addiction, a person in active addiction and a person who had passed away due to addiction. Each bag was lit up for hope to show support and strength inside our community for those suffering. 

2019 allowed us to spread our wings through the community. In August we were part of an Overdose Awareness Event in Clarion county,PA. In October we were fortunate to be a part of a community trunk or treat event. In November we hosted a Community Thanksgiving Dinner. 

2020 has shown to be slow for events , not only because of our climate in the first months months of the year, but due to the virus mandates. We continue to be a present force in our community despite the setbacks. 

What we have done:

Starting with the tragic death that ripped through our community in September of 2017, we have been determined to offer support throughout our area. 

We have been meeting , on average , every other month for a year to come up with ways to engage the community in supporting eachother through this addiction epidemic that plagues , not only our community, but our nation as a whole. 

We have hosted an Angel Tree event and a Lights of Hope event. We have been involved with other local events geared towards addiction awareness locally. We have been present with memorial walks, reality tours and local meetings through other agencies . 

2018 Awareness Tree

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